About Luke

Hi, My name is Luke Aberle I'm a twelve year old boy who is passionate about helping people learn about cool products that I find just as interesting as the adults.  So instead of just adults doing the reviews,  how about a kid? When you shop wouldn't it be helpful to know what the product is like from a kids point of view?


That is why I decided to create www.lukesview.com where I can express my love for camping, gadgets, and coming up with new Ideas. I  started Luke's View because I always see kids on Youtube posting review videos on toys but I'm a little bit different were all different but I'm a kid who doesn't save there money up for toy's I save my money up for Batteries, Light bulbs and a lot more grown up stuff. I even have two camping stoves that are mine one for backup because I love to cook and I mostly cook for a family of eleven but I don't have a family of eleven in my house. I also love photography I loved it since I was three.

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